We listen to understand rather than to respond, and engage with kindness, conscience, and people-mindedness. We observe and use our ears, eyes and "gut instinct" to understand the entire message that is being communicated. We go deep to identify root causes and solve the underlying problems.
We are open and share relevant information with others in a timely and effective manner and encourage others to do the same. We are open to learning and exploring new approaches of working in the ecosystem.
We make tough decisions without agonizing and take calculated and informed risks. Resilience is a quality that we imbibe and exercise.
We care about the outcomes of our approaches and acknowledge our mistakes and failures. We are go-getters and take initiative to address societal challenges and distribute the ability to solve these challenges.
We challenge ideas and not individuals. We show respect and value for the skills, experiences, creativity, and contributions of our ecosystem and embrace diversity. Listening to and acknowledging the feelings, concerns, opinions, and ideas of others is our way of interacting. We share information, ideas, and suggestions in a respectful manner. We support the final decisions of our ecosystem, even if not in total agreement, in line with the larger goal.